Eye Kandy ~ Kandy Sticks eye liner

Eye Kandy ~ Kandy Sticks eye liner

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LadiLyke.com Eye Kandy brand Eyeliner

Soon to be your favorite eye liner, used as a normal liner, or as a base to your glitter!

Applying a solid Black (Licorice) or Brown (Chocolate) eyeliner as a base accomplishes three major results: Flesh does not show through. You get better coverage. You use less glitter. Result: A dazzling glitter effect that beautifully enhances existing makeup, or looks incredible worn alone.

A white (Marshmallow) eyeliner base is an excellent high lighter under brighter color choices and results in amazing eye popping color.

Eye Kandy Kandy Stick Eyeliners are a retractable pencil which are easy to use, just twist the pencil to move the lead to the desired length. This eye pencil is packaged in a sleek black design, and includes a smudger for your eyes. The Kandy Stick is a waterproof pencil that endures when worn alone or as a base for all your Sprinkles glitter color selections! Pencils apply smoothly and may be smudged if desired to create a blended, professional look. Wear under any Sprinkles color choice to maximize shine and minimize use. The pencil color may be easily removed with make-up remover or facial cleanser.

Available in Black Licorice, Chocolate Brown or Marshmallow White.