From Our Mission into our Journey

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Greetings from The Great Lakes! May you enjoy Our Story; 

#TeamLadiLyke ~ Authentically striving to maintain a fragrant, exhilarating environment for our visitors. Welcome to our online

We began with a simple desire to accentuatwomen we encountered with curated specialty accessory & apparel collections. But after connecting with our diva-licous clientele, it was apparent that the very women we catered to, were actually our core sources of inspiration! Increasingly intrigued in the nature of feminine beauty, and in awe of the brilliance of every woman, our passions soared. We wanted to mingle with more women, create for more women, and know more women!

Ladi Lyke since matured into Ladi Lyke Enterprises, a team exploring positive changes & enhancements, supported by masses of women & influencers that make results possible. A brand dedicated to provide services & resources, originality & beautification, and meaningful products for EVERY Woman. Internally committed in feminine empowerment, with the common interest in All Things Woman.

The Ladi Lyke, LLC. family continues to grow and encompass a net-work(worth) of sister ventures - community outreach events, B2B platforms, indie writing/ publishing, vocational artisan classes, business research & development counsel, retail fashion, marketing/ networking, collabs, entrepreneurial mentorships, handmade jewels & body care, and eccentric home comforts.. each pronouncing the same end goal of refreshing the sweet, effervescent lady

Ladi Lyke is committed to being much more than commerce, instead, we care to customize your experience. We scream out loud about friendly small businesses, and we obsessively support good-natured local start ups. We're excited in gifting to non profits, and seek to creatively advocate for under advantaged, as they are life's truest survival gems.

Upon all things fabulous, may we all arrive, together!

Our Vibe; HOPE is at the nucleus of any goal, for in THE BEGINNING OF EVERY PLAN, always.. there is HOPE.

Evolving together in mind, body, and soul is our vision. To motivate you, is our goal. And serving you, is our pleasure.    

"Once a Lady is awakened in her vision, motion is inevitable. She'll announce her Faith, her tenacity will roar, and Her Magesty shall implode. ~ There is not a more colorful, nor illustrious road, than that which was traveled by a Woman." ~ Mrs. Le'